Ford Taurus Owners Manual

      L Introduction
           L Data recording
           L Replacement parts recommendation
                L Scheduled Maintenance and Mechanical Repairs
                L Collision Repairs
                L Warranty on Replacement Parts
           L Special notices
                L New Vehicle Limited Warranty
                L Special Instructions
           L Mobile communications equipment
           L General information
      L Child Safety
           L Child seat positioning
           L Booster seats
           L Installing child seats
           L Child safety locks
      L Safety Belts
           L Fastening the safety belts
           L Safety belt height adjustment
           L Safety belt-minder
           L Driver and passenger airbags
           L Front passenger sensing system
           L Side airbags
           L Safety canopy curtain airbags
           L Crash sensors and airbag indicator
           L Airbag disposal
           L Remote control
      L MyKey
      L Locks
           L Locking and unlocking
           L SecuriCode™ keyless entry keypad
           L Trunk release
           L Interior luggage compartment release
      L Security
           L Anti-theft alarm
      L Steering Wheel
           L Adjusting the steering wheel
           L Steering wheel controls
      L Pedals
      L Wipers and Washers
           L Windshield wipers
           L Rain-sensing wipers
           L Windshield washers
      L Lighting
           L Lighting control
           L Autolamps
           L Instrument lighting dimmer
           L Headlamp exit delay
           L Daytime running lamps
           L Automatic high beam control
           L Direction indicators
           L Interior lamps
      L Windows and Mirrors
           L Power windows
           L Exterior mirrors
           L Interior mirrors
           L Sun visors
           L Sunshade
           L Moonroof
      L Instrument Cluster
           L Gauges
           L Warning lamps and indicators
           L Audible warnings and indicators
      L Information Displays
           L Trip computer
           L Information messages
      L Climate Control
           L Manual heating and air conditioning
           L Dual automatic temperature control
           L General operating tips
           L Cabin air filter
      L Seats
           L Sitting in the correct position
           L Head restraints
           L Front manual seats
           L Power seats
           L Memory function
           L Heated seats
           L Heated and ventilated seats
           L Rear seats
      L Storage Compartments
           L Center console
           L Overhead console
           L Ignition switch
           L Starting a gasoline engine
           L Engine block heater
      L Fuel and Refueling
           L Safety precautions
           L Fuel quality
           L Running out of fuel
           L Refueling
           L Fuel consumption
           L Emission control system
      L Transmission
      L Brakes
           L Parking brake
      L Traction Control
      L Stability Control
      L Parking Aids
           L Sensing system
           L Active park assist
           L Rear-view camera system
      L Cruise Control
           L Using cruise control
           L Using Adaptive Cruise Control
      L Driving Aids
           L Driver alert
           L Lane keeping system
           L Collision warning system
           L Steering
      L Load Carrying
           L Cargo net
           L Load limit
      L Towing
           L Trailer towing
           L Recommended towing weights
           L Essential towing checks
           L Transporting the vehicle
           L Towing the vehicle on four wheels
      L Driving Hints
           L Economical driving
           L Driving through water
           L Floor mats
      L Roadside Emergencies
           L Hazard warning flashers
           L Fuel cut-off switch
           L Jump-starting the vehicle
      L Customer Assistance
           L Getting the services you need
           L In california (U.S. ONLY)
           L Reporting safety defects (U.S. only)
      L Fuses
           L Changing a fuse
           L Fuse specification chart
      L Maintenance
           L General information
           L Opening and closing the hood
           L Under hood overview
           L Engine oil dipstick
           L Engine oil check
           L Adding Engine Oil
           L Engine coolant check
           L Transmission fluid check
           L Changing the vehicle battery
           L Checking the wiper blades
           L Changing the wiper blades
           L Air filter(s)
           L Adjusting the headlamps
           L Changing a bulb
           L Bulb specification chart
      L Vehicle Care

Total pages: 172