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Ford Taurus. Body



Insulation is used as a sound-deadener to reduce exterior road and powertrain noises from the interior of the vehicle. Mastic insulators are also used as insulation. For information on the location of the mastic insulators, refer to Section 501-35. Insulation is installed:

  • as part of the carpet.
  • under the roof panel.
  • above and below the instrument panel.
  • on the cowl sides.
  • over the front and rear floor areas.
  • in the A-pillar, B-pillar, C-pillar and D-pillar sections.
  • rear wheel house area.
  • inside of the door trim panel.
  • in the sail panel.
  • in the package tray area.
  • inside of the console.

Other forms of insulation include:

  • front tunnel stiffening pad.
  • dash panel stiffener.
  • rear wheelhouse mastic pads.
  • stuffer bags in the side rail.

Body Sealer Types And Applications

Seam Sealer

Seam Sealer TA-2 or equivalent:

  • is a heavy-bodied, non-sag adhesive/sealer for use on standing cosmetic seams, truck bed seams, tooled door skin seams and floor pans.
  • can be used on water leaks and noise concerns.

Clear Silicone Rubber

Clear Silicone Rubber TA-32 or equivalent meeting Ford Specification ESB-M4G92-A:

  • does not run.
  • is fast drying.
  • remains semi-elastic.
  • can be used for sealing water leaks, noise concerns, remounting trim and repairing torn weatherstripping.

Silicone Gasket and Sealant

Silicone Gasket and Sealant TA-30 or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSE-M4G323-A4:

  • is a form-in-place gasket and multi-purpose adhesive/sealant.
  • is a room temperature curing silicone rubber.

Caulking Cord

3M Strip Caulk-Black 051135-08578 or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSB-M4G32-C:

  • is a heavy-bodied, plastic base with a filler.
  • is commonly known as perma-gum.
  • is used on spot-weld holes and between surfaces not sealed with a gasket.

Weatherstrip Adhesive

Trim and Weatherstrip Adhesive Permatex 8150 or equivalent:

  • is a quick drying, strong adhesive designed to hold weatherstripping onto all body panels and surrounding metal.

Silicone Lubricant

Silicone Spray Lubricant XL-6 or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESR-M13P4-A:

  • is used to keep the door and the window weatherstrip pliable and soft.
  • makes the door easier to close.
  • retards weatherstrip squeaks.
  • retards weatherstrip wear.
  • helps retain door window alignment by reducing friction between the glass frame and the rubber weatherstrip.
  • should not be used prior to painting.


Body System


Ford Taurus. Body

Inspection and Verification

Dust and Water Leaks

Most dust and water leaks occur due to missing or mis-installed body sealer or components. The source of the leak is detected by:

  • pressurizing the vehicle and testing with soapy water.
    • Locate and tape off the body vents.
    • Turn the blower motor on the high position.
    • Turn the air recurculation to the off mode.
    • Close the windows and doors.
    • Open the hood and spray soapy water along body seams and grommets. Make sure to test the areas arround the A-pillar at the fender and the hood hinge area.
    • Check for bubbles.
  • inspecting for a dust pattern or water path near and above the area in question.
  • removing any trim or carpet in the general area of the leak.
  • road testing or water-hose testing the vehicle.
  • placing a bright light under the vehicle, removing any necessary trim or carpet and inspecting the interior of the body at joints and weld lines.

Wind Noise

Most wind noise leaks occur at the corners of the windows or in the doors. Wind noise is detected by driving the vehicle at highway speeds or at speeds as specified by the customer. The vehicle should be driven in 4 different directions, with all the windows CLOSED, the radio OFF and the A/C blower motor OFF.

Squeak and Rattle

Squeak and rattle noises are generally caused by loose parts, contact or relative movement between 2 surfaces or loose wires and connectors. The source of the noise can be detected by stopping movement of the suspect part by hand or by using dampening or low friction materials.

Symptom Chart - NVH

NOTE: NVH symptoms should be identified using the diagnostic tools that are available. For a list of these tools, an explanation of their uses and a glossary of common terms, refer to Section 100-04. Since it is possible that any one of multiple systems may be the cause of a symptom, it may be necessary to use a process of elimination type of diagnostic approach to pinpoint the responsible system. If this is not the causal system for the symptom, refer back to Section 100-04 for the next likely system and continue diagnosis.

Ford Taurus. Body

Ford Taurus. Body

Ford Taurus. Body

Ford Taurus. Body

Ford Taurus. Body

Ford Taurus. Body

Ford Taurus. Body


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