Ford Taurus Owners Manual: Ford Extended Service Plan



More than 32 Million Ford and Lincoln owners have discovered the powerful protection Ford ESP. It is the only extended service plan backed by Ford Motor Company, and provides peace of mind protection beyond the expiration of the New Vehicle Warranty coverage.

Ford ESP can quickly pay for itself

One service bill the cost of parts and labor can easily exceed the price of your Ford Extended Service Plan. With Ford ESP, you minimize your risk for unexpected repair bills and rising repair costs.

Coverage for up to 500+ covered components

There are four, Extended Service Plans with different levels of coverage.

Ask your dealer for details.

1. PremiumCARE Our most comprehensive coverage. With over 500 covered components, this plan is so complete that we generally only discuss whats not covered.

2. ExtraCARE Covers 113 components, and includes many high tech items

3. BaseCARE Covers 84 components

4. PowertrainCARE Covers 29 critical components

Ford ESP is honored by all Ford and Lincoln Dealers in the United States and Canada. It is the only Extended Service Plan authorized and backed by Ford Motor Company. That means you get: Reliable, quality service anywhere you go

Repairs performed by factory trained technicians, using Genuine Ford and Lincoln parts

Rental Car Reimbursement

1st day Rental Benefit

You take advantage of replacement transportation if your vehicle is at the dealership for same day covered repairs.

Extended Rental Benefits

If your vehicle is kept overnight for covered repairs, you are eligible for rental car coverage, including Bumper to Bumper warranty repairs, or Field Service Actions.

Roadside Assistance

Exclusive 24/7 roadside assistance, including: Towing, flat-tire change and battery jump starts

Out of fuel and lock-out assistance

Travel Expense reimbursement for lodging, meals and rental car

Destination assistance for taxi, shuttle, rental car coverage and emergency transportation

Transferable Coverage

If you sell your vehicle before your Ford Extended Service Plan coverage expires, you can transfer any remaining coverage to the new owner.

Whenever you sell your vehicle, prospective buyers may have a higher degree of confidence that vehicle was properly maintained with Ford ESP, thereby improving resale value!

Avoid the Rising cost of vehicle maintenance

Ford ESP also offers a Premium Maintenance Plan that covers all scheduled maintenance, and select items that routinely wear out.

The coverage is prepaid, so you never have to worry about affording vehicle maintenance. It covers regular checkups, routine inspections, preventative care and replacement items that require periodic attention for normal wear: Windshield Wiper Blades

Spark Plugs (except in California)

The clutch Disc

Brake pads and linings

Shock Absorbers

Belts and Hoses

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Replenishment

Contact your selling dealership today so they can customize a Genuine Ford Extended Service Plan that fits your driving lifestyle and budget.

Interest Free Financing Options Available

Take advantage of our interest free installment payment plan. Just a 10% down payment will provide you with an affordable, no interest, no fee payment program.

Complete the information below and mail to:

Ford ESP

Ford ESP

Royal Oak Michigan 48068-0039

To learn more, call our Ford ESP specialists at 800-367-3377. Dont forget to ask about our interest free payment program, allowing you all the security and benefits Ford ESP has to offer while paying over time.

You are pre-approved with no credit checks, no hassles!


You can get more protection for your vehicle by purchasing a Ford Extended Service Plan. Ford Extended Service Plan is the only service contract backed by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. Depending on the plan you purchase, Ford Extended Service Plan provides benefits such as: Rental reimbursement

Coverage for certain maintenance and wear items

Protection against repair costs after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage expires

Roadside Assistance benefits

There are several Ford Extended Service Plans available in various time, distance and deductible combinations. Each plan is tailored to fit your own driving needs, including reimbursement for towing and rental.

When you purchase Ford Extended Service Plan, you receive added peace-of-mind protection throughout Canada and the United States, provided by a network of participating Ford Motor Company dealers.

The Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan is honored at authorized Lincoln dealers.

Note: Repairs performed outside of Canada and the United States are not eligible for Ford Extended Service Plan coverage.

This information is subject to change.

For more information, visit your local Ford of Canada dealer or to find the Ford Extended Service Plan that is right for you.

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